NFL On Location



Drive Super Bowl Ticket-Package Sales for HIGH-Net-Worth Individuals in just three months.


We developed a three-phase campaign to position the NFL On Location events as an unforgettable experience. 


In phase one we segmented our audience into three categories, driving our content creation:

• Business All-Stars: C-Suite individuals seeking luxury experiences
• Legends: Social climbers wanting to say they’ve done things
• Gift Givers: Individuals looking to splurge on holiday gifts

In phase two, we designed a distribution strategy that refined itself with each playoff win. We optimized content, targets, and rode the excitement of the playoffs euphoria.

When phase three rolled around, we’d been hyper-targeting Atlanta and New England fans on social for over two months. In the two weeks leading to the Bowl, we put out a final push to drive purchases.


205% ROAS (2:1 return from media spend on ticket sales).

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