Matcha Love?



Turn an unknown beverage companyinto a household name.


matcha LOVE wanted to launch a beverage brand into the US market.


Our data revealed three important factors:   

  1. Millennials believe a healthy lifestyle is important, but lack of time can compromise their choices.
  2. Our target audience used mobile and social platforms Instagram and Pinterest to explore new health trends.  
  3. Where in the United States a growing demand was highest.  

We positioned matcha LOVE as the ‘grounded’ alternative to energy drinks.  We used paid search terms and influencer partnerships to target our audience with matcha LOVE content in the places where they were already looking for health trends. When our campaign went live, we optimized in real-time and reallocated dollars against media placements to drive returns.



in site traffic

90% increase

in online positivity

23% increase

in in-store sales

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