ENGINE and Clickagy Partner to Deliver High Performing Target Audiences

“Attitude Based Audience” Capability Significantly More Effective at Accurately Identifying Target Audiences for Programmatic Campaigns


NEW YORK, February 12, 2020 – ENGINE, a global, full-service media and marketing services company, in partnership with Clickagy, a data intelligence company, today announced the launch of its “Attitude Based Audience” capability, which leverages survey research to enable digital marketers to accurately reach consumers online an average of 25% more effectively than the traditional audience targeting solutions that currently dominate the market.

Many marketers and their agencies are frustrated with efforts to accurately reach targeted audiences. Targets are often pre-built by data companies that extract inferences about attitudes, sentiments and intentions from the digital behaviors they collect.

The new “Attitude Based Audience” capability draws upon ENGINE’s research and data competencies and Clickagy’s world class data intelligence assets to build audiences instead via first-hand consumer testament. ENGINE starts with a representative sample of consumers that express the attitude, intention or sentiment an advertiser is attempting to target, and then uses machine learning to identify the digital behaviors in Clickagy’s ecosystem that provide the strongest signal of the desired attitude, intention or sentiment.

“The capability alleviates the frustration many agency and marketing leaders face when trying to target prospective and existing customers,” said Andy Davidson, who leads data strategy and analytics for ENGINE Insights, the research and analytics division of ENGINE. “We have developed a better way – rather than making subjective inferences regarding what digital behaviors suggest about a consumer’s preferences or intentions, we leave it to the consumer to express intent or preference and then we find the behaviors that best signal it.”

ENGINE’s audiences currently span Auto, Financial Services, Health/Pharma, Lifestyle and Tech. Bespoke audiences can be built on request in as little as two weeks in instances where ENGINE’S existing inventory does not meet a specific need. Audiences can be activated in two ways by media buyers and advertisers:

  • Via direct integration with a preferred DSP
  • Via many of the leading DMP’S (currently Oracle Data Cloud, Adobe Audience Manager, Lotame, LiveRamp, Eyeota, Neustar, SalesForce DMP, Nielsen DMP)

Activation is encouraged on ENGINE’s proprietary end-to-end programmatic exchange, EMX, but also available on other exchanges.

We are excited to be bringing transparency to the data space with the ‘Attitude Based Audience’ capability in partnership with Clickagy,” said Michael Zacharski, CEO, EMX. “We know that this capability will enable our clients to better target the audiences they are most trying to reach, and when bundling this data solution with our media offerings we are able to provide unparalleled certainty into the supply chain along with cost and scale efficiencies.”

“At Clickagy, we work hard to ensure that our audiences are the best in the market as far as quality, accessibility, and impact,” said Harry Maugans, Founder and CEO of Clickagy. “With Clickagy and ENGINE joining forces to create the ‘Attitude Based Audience’ capability, marketers can now reach curated segments of consumers based on their observed interests as well as purchase intent and preference, all guided by ENGINE’s survey-backed data and machine learning techniques. We expect this new product to have a huge impact on the marketing landscape.”

For more information on ENGINE’s new audience portfolio, search for Engine audiences under the Clickagy brand in your preferred DMP (Clickagy>Engine) or contact andy.davidson@enginegroup.com.



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