Youth Olympic Games - Lousanne 2020.

Handing the torch to a new generation.​

Rocking perceptions of the Youth Olympic Games with unmissable content to take the Games from the brink of closure to the biggest they’ve ever been.​

Once a unique and exciting event, the Youth Olympic Games (YOG) had lost its spark. In the face of more agile competition with greater creditability and flexibility, YOG was struggling to engage its core Gen Z audience. ​

YOG’s emphasis has always been on what young athletes may go on to become, rather than what they’re achieving now. But Gen Z want to be treated like adults. Responsible, conscious, diverse and inclusive; Gen Z embody the Olympic movement’s ideals more than any other generation. Our research showed they wanted this acknowledged. ​

The game changers

We created ‘The Game Changers’; a communications solution Gen Z could rally around. Speaking in a visual and verbal language they would instantly relate to, we celebrated Gen Z and everything they achieved.​

We started by creating a pack of 50 ‘stickers’ – specially commissioned illustrations and animations designed to reflect the ‘cut and paste’ language used by Gen Z on social media. Then we engaged YOG athletic talent to share the stickers on their platforms.​

For the first time, we put influencers at the heart of the Games content strategy. Our production team worked with Gen Z influencers from the worlds of dance, music and vlogging, to capture everything from behind-the-scenes footage to interviews with athletes and sporting icons.​

During the Games we built ‘The Game Changer’s Hub’ – a cross between a state-of-the-art publishing house and a creative laboratory. YOG athletes learnt how to create and edit epic videos whilst we produced daily content for YOG social channels and their OTT service, ‘The Olympic Channel’.

A new personal best

Through this content-first approach, we created a radically different look and feel that made the Games accessible to an audience who’d never before engaged with YOG.​

A rise in digital engagement for 2018 Buenos Aires Games​ by ​


Number of social impressions for 2020 Lausanne Winter Games, on the previous games increased by


New followers on social gained