Women's Aid - Securing a better future for vulnerable women & children in the UK.

Securing a better future for vulnerable women & children in the UK.

Securing a better future for some of the most vulnerable women & children in the UK; using award-winning creative thinking to reach 300 million people around the world.

A Better Future.

It’s a stark fact that 2 women a week are killed by a partner or former partner in England and Wales – the horrifying result of a problem people are too scared to come forwards about.

Since 2014 we’ve partnered with Women’s Aid to raise awareness of this issue, campaigning for their agenda with the UK government, as well as supporting the charity in raising donations to help fund their services across the country.

The issue isn’t going away – and neither can we.

Women’s Aid’s mission is to end violence against women and girls in their relationships. To achieve this, we can’t allow people to ignore it or to let it continue behind closed doors.

Innovate to Disrupt.

Our approach has been to harness innovation in storytelling to put people across the UK - and indeed around the world - in the shoes of the women and children surviving abusive relationships.

Our communications always aim to disrupt expectations of domestic abuse by finding a new and unexpected angle into it. We give the issue outsized visibility by looking for ways to make it as noticeable as possible – through high profile campaigns which drive media awareness, shareability and public engagement.

From interactive 3D cinema ads, where the story is different depending on which eye you have open, to interactive digital posters where bruises magically heal if enough people are looking at it. From creating the first cinema ad to have a BBFC certificate to highlight what 160k children in the UK see every day, to using typography to explain the concept of coercive control.

More recently we conceived and produced a TV ad in a matter of days, shot in empty streets during the Covid-19 lockdown, bringing the dangers of being locked down with an abuser.

Global audience for a digital poster campaign


Target funds raised in 48hrs of the Lockdown TV spot


Pieces of mainstream international coverage