Sky - Believing in a better.

Believing in a better partnership. 15 years of working with Sky.

To start the story of Engine’s relationship with Sky, you have to go all the way back to 2006.

Back then, Sky was mainly known for Sports and Movies, and was a brand that customers didn’t welcome into their homes the way they do now. As a business they were constantly asking themselves how they could make that better, so our solution was to project this message of quality and commitment outward to their customers. And so Believe in Better was born.

Fourteen years later and the brand has grown from strength to strength. Believer in Better acts as a reminder to Sky’s 25,000 staff and millions of customers that theirs is a service dedicated to delivering best in class entertainment, user experience and customer service.

In fact, they believe in it so much over at Sky that they’ve even named a building after it…

Broadband Jumps on Board

In 2010 Sky showed their continuing trust in Engine by awarding us with the creative keys to their new baby, Sky Broadband.

Unlike in the world of TV where Sky are the major player, Sky Broadband was a new brand to the market, entering a space with well established competitors as incumbents.

Our strategy for launching Sky Broadband was simple: let’s leverage the love people have for our imagination and storytelling to capture their hearts with our latest internet offering.

Pivotal to the success of this has been our use of animatic partnerships where, since our first ad aired, we’ve made mischief with Minions, tinkered with Toy Story and kicked ass with Kung Fu Panda, all in the name of providing superfast and super-reliable Broadband.

Hello Possible

Not satisfied with just TV and Broadband, Sky enlisted our help to launch another new brand, Sky Mobile.

Disruptive since the get go, Sky Mobile grew from the thought of believing in a better network, a network that says YES to all the things you were told weren’t possible, like rolling over and sharing your data.

And it was exactly this spirit of possibility and new beginnings that led us to our campaign, Hello Possible. With the help of Lily James and some out of this world creative, we’ve brought to life the magic of embracing possibility everywhere and in doing so have succeeded in establishing Sky Mobile as a force to be reckoned with in the category.