Santander - The Bank of Antandec.

Turning one of life’s most complicated tasks into must-see entertainment.

Turning one of life’s most complicated tasks into must-see entertainment; how we celebrated a bank that understands mortgages by imagining one that doesn’t.

Breaking through a low-interest category

In 2019 there were 132 different mortgage providers. That’s a lot of mortgages to choose from. Throw in some complicated processes and an awful lot of jargon and you’re looking at a seriously tricky choice.

Getting emotional

Santander needed to cut through the stress and get to the emotional truth of what buying house is really about; we love our homes, even if we don’t love the process of buying one.

Britain’s newest genuine-real-fake-bank

We created the Bank of Antandec, a new bank fronted by the nation’s favourite duo. We showed that whilst Ant and Dec know what the nation want, they don’t have the expertise to help people buy their dream home. Thankfully, Santander were on hand to help.

Apathy into affinity

By combining emotionally driven messaging with a stand-out creative idea, we turned apathy into affinity and earned record-breaking branding scores.

UK adults reached in the first week


People who felt the ads made them love the bank more


Boost to mortgage preference


Increase in mortgage applications