Royal Navy - Made in the Royal Navy.

Made in the Royal Navy. Challenging people to imagine a better version of themselves.

How we inspired the uninspired and exceeded targets by 300%. ​

The Royal Navy needed more recruits than ever. But few people really understand what goes on in the Armed Forces. We needed to help the Royal Navy recruit people with a more powerful and broadly appealing recruitment campaign than ever before.

Taking you places

We believed our potential audience were stuck living an uncomfortable dichotomy – at home with their parents for longer whilst feeling more connected to the wider world than ever before. The Royal Navy was perfectly placed to help with this frustration. With the Royal Navy you could go far: not just geographically, not just financially, but in terms of your fundamental personal development.

Experience life

We launched a new recruit campaign ‘Made in the Royal Navy’. The campaign showed the journey of someone just like our audience, who had joined the Royal Navy. Following them in the realization that the most valuable thing The Royal Navy can give you isn't the training, the travel, the experiences, the friendships or the qualifications, but the person you become through these experiences.

TV and print were supported by several different radio ads, allowing us the frequency to deliver regional relevancy, as well as showcasing several roles. Longer form video content was hosted on YouTube, in digital banners and on the website to allow us to tell deeper stories. ‘Live Chats’ with Royal Navy personnel were hosted on Facebook.

Unprecedented success

The campaign has permeated British culture and other branches of the service, becoming a badge of honour for all Royal Navy personnel. The Born in / Made in construct sits on all Royal Navy email signatures, and the outgoing Second Sealord, Sir David Steel, even signed off his resignation speech with, “I was born in Walthamstow, but I was made in the Royal Navy.”

Exceeded recruitment targets by


Cost saving of over


Higher interest levels than previous years


Call centre staffing increased


Proportion of audience who identified themselves as having the qualities to join the Royal Navy increased