RAF - No room for cliches.

Unlocking and inspiring a new generation of talent.

What do you do when your traditional pool of talent is shrinking?

The traditional talent pool for the armed forces, young white males with a military history in the family, is shrinking as the permanent number of roles in the armed forces shrinks. Now, only 15% of the country would even consider a job in the armed forces, and when you look at female and BAME audiences the percentage is microscopic.

And that’s a big problem for the Royal Air Force, as one of the world’s most effective educators. We often say it’s the most advanced technical college in the world.

They can can teach you Arabic from scratch in 18 months with no previous language skills and their technical training is second to none. But without the raw material their skills at realising young men and women’s potential goes to waste and they are unable to keep the skies safe.

Making diversity a strategic imperative.

Having overfished in a shrinking talent pool, we needed to grow that pool larger and show how the RAF is a career choice regardless of ethnicity or gender.

So while diversity is a cultural tick box for many brands, for the RAF, it’s a strategic imperative and our strategy has been to show how the RAF can help you FIND YOUR FORCE, whoever you are.

Pushing back on stereotypes.

By consistently and effortlessly highlighting diversity, we have combined a new image of the RAF with its ability to unlock potential in young people. We’ve pushed back on damaging stereotypes and showcased the world of possibility the RAF offer.

Often using cutting-edge technology to help people self identify themselves, or unlock a hidden talent they didn’t know they had, we’ve inspired a new generation of talent to believe they have got what it takes to help keep the world safe.

True 360.

Managing the full spectrum of the RAF’s entire communications journey, we combine large-scale TV advertising with targeted digital comms, use earned media alongside data-optimized content, to get the right recruits for the right roles.

The year RAF became the most diverse air force in history


Increase in the number of people considering RAF from diverse backgrounds


Reduction in the cost per application