Public Health England - One You.

Changing the UK’s perception towards health and fitness.

Public Health England (PHE) wanted to encourage 40-60 year-old adults to make better lifestyle choices. Our challenge was to work with PHE to build a suite of digital services that drove behaviour change.

Strategic thinking to shift lifestyle choices

We designed and built a series of digital tools across web and mobile applications that combined modern technology, behavioural science, data analytics and user-centred design. The eight tools covered topic areas including: smoking, eating, alcohol, exercise, sugar, stress and sleep.

Since launch, there have been over 5m users of the different services.

The How Are You questionnaire has seen a completion-to-start ratio of 75% versus an original target of 30%.

The response to One You has been fantastic and we have been delighted to see such a positive reaction in the media, from our partners and from the public.

Kevin Fenton, Director of Health & Wellbeing, Public Health England