NHS Blood and Transplant - Missing Type.

Igniting a global PR phenomenon to drive behaviour change.

Igniting a global PR phenomenon to spark conversation and drive behaviour change; how we put blood donation back on the agenda and tripled new donor registrations. 

Giving blood saves lives

The need for blood donations never stops. It’s a lifeline in an emergency and for people who need long-term treatment. But in the last decade the amount blood donations have plummeted by 40%.

NHS Blood and Transplant urgently needed to increase the number of blood donors, particularly from different blood types, to help meet the needs of hospitals and patients.

What’s your blood type?

People rarely think about their blood type. But what would happen if that ‘type’ were to go missing? We put the idea to the test.

Noticing what’s gone

We launched ‘Missing Type’ where the letters of blood groups A, O and B were removed from the names, places and brands that we engage with in everyday life. We approached partners to drop the ‘missing type’ letters from their brands, resulting in the Daily Mirror, Campaign magazine, Odeon, O2 and even the street sign at Downing Street changing their names. Then we staged a series of activities to create disruption and provide news and social content.

We created an inclusive movement where anyone could drop the type from their social media profiles and content. Hard-hitting blanket news coverage and social media content, reaching over 2 billion people in 21 countries, were critical to the campaign’s success as all partnerships with participating brands were earned via goodwill and shared commitment to the cause rather than paid support.

Many of the world’s biggest brands, including Google, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, McDonald’s and Santander, subverted their brand logos in the name of ‘Missing Type’ and featured in a new TV advert depicting an eerie, unsettling world where the vital letters of the blood groups mysteriously disappear from familiar signs and logos.

Quite simply this was one of the best campaigns NHS Blood & Transplant has ever done… Missing Type has become a shining example among our peers around the globe on how to do a successful donor campaign.

Jon Latham, Assistant Director, Donor Services & Marketing, NHS

Increase in new donor appointments


New UK blood donors registered in just one week


Lives saved and improved


Blood doner organisations united in one cause