NATO - We are NATO.

Building a better way for NATO to communicate.

NATO protect our freedom and security by exchanging information and sharing ideas.

But the world has changed a lot since the NATO agreement was first signed, and people have lost touch with what it is that NATO do.

Our challenge was to refresh public perceptions by communicating NATO’s values and breadth of work, across each of the 29 member countries.

Toolkits for around the world

We produced the first ever public-facing campaign for not one, but all of the 29 countries that make up NATO.

Under the banner WE ARE NATO, we created a toolkit that each country could use to adapt the campaign so it was culturally relevant to them. Each country was equipped with the tools to confidently talk about NATO.

WE ARE NATO was such a success that the toolkit is now being used on an ongoing basis for all of NATO’s communication.

In disparate times, WE ARE NATO brings us one step closer to a connected, safer global society.