Lowell - Tackling problem debt.

Helping thousands tackle problem debt by reinventing a brand and its service design to deliver financial freedom.

Transforming a brand built on negative debt to one designed around financial freedom. ​

A connected world

Lowell have a noble ambition; to help people become free from problem debt. But with a disconnect between each of their customer experiences, Lowell were struggling to build the kind of trust they deserved.​

In world where brands are only as good as their weakest touchpoints, we needed to create a solution that went beyond advertising to connect each part of the Lowell brand.

Focus on the positives

Lowell had to shift their focus from the negative to the positive. Rather than always concentrating on debt management, Lowell needed to spend more time promoting financial freedom. Building belief that Lowell is a brand who genuinely wants their customers to overcome debt. ​

Total brand experience

We designed and built a total brand experience for Lowell. We started by defining an identity with financial freedom and progress at its very core. Next we designed a range of dynamic services to incentivise positive financial behaviours. Helping customers to start and stay on the path towards becoming free from problem debt.

Transformation at speed

In just 12 weeks, we transformed Lowell’s entire customer experience. Using a digital brand system that enabled us to scale quickly and efficiently, we delivered a frictionless experience across every touchpoint, from physical to digital. ​

Enhanced performance

Our focus on a tangible, agile strategy has led to a series of innovations that will be progressively released throughout 2020 and beyond. At present, we have seen the following excellent results.

Score on Trustpilot


Increase in revenue generated from digital per month


Savings achieved in operating costs