Jagermeister - #savethenight.

The icon of going-out becomes the champion of staying-in.

A unique response to a global problem.

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, brands around the world have been pressing pause on marketing plans and finding ways to support people in need. With sector giants making multi-million-dollar donations, family-owned Jägermeister was set on finding a different approach…

Marrying supply with demand

The nightlife community is facing its biggest ever challenge. With clubs, bars and pubs shut and tens of thousands out of work, we spotted an opportunity to marry supply with demand.

How we saved the night

We connected Jägermeister’s network of talented artists and performers to entertainment-hungry consumers. Just three weeks after lockdown began, we launched ‘Meister drop-ins’; an online talent booking service that connects virtual party goers with nightlife Meisters. This was Jägermeister giving back to both their industry and customers.

The most successful activation in the history of Jägermeister.

With paid support from 11 markets and organic support from over 50 Meisters, the campaign has already gone on to become the most successful global activation in the history of this legendary brand.