Gamstop - Building and delivering a cross-industry solution to break gambling addiction.

Building and delivering a cross-industry solution to break gambling addiction.

We created a national self-exclusion service for over 100k problem gamblers.

A growing problem

More than 2 million people in the UK are either problem gamblers or at risk of addiction, according to the industry regulator. Online gambling, which is difficult to control due to its on-demand nature, has the largest market share.

Whilst many individual gambling operators had their own exclusion schemes, our challenge was to create a way for online gamblers to self-exclude from all sites across the UK. That’s a total of more than 260 gambling operators.

Complexity to simplicity

We built this unique service from scratch, all whilst resolving extremely complex technical, organisational and regulatory issues through agile ways of working.

We used in-depth analysis, user research and support groups to create a tailored journey for this group of very vulnerable users. Then we delivered a simple user experience, whilst managing the underlying complexity, including:

  • Identity verification and management
  • Technical demands of servicing industry volume
  • Running and managing a business-critical 24/7/365 service

Cross-industry collaboration

We facilitated cross-industry collaboration throughout the development journey. To implement this intricate technical solution, we needed to facilitate agreement and collaboration between the regulator, 260+ gambling operators and our client – the main industry trade organisation.

We achieved industry-wide engagement through regular show and tells, 90-minute webinar sessions, 80 delegate days for industry working groups sessions, Wiki publishing with comments and discussion, private meetings with regulators, academics and charities, and by attending the House of Lords Reception on Gambling Harm.