E.ON - Lungs

Doubling sales and, in just 24 hours, changing perceptions of E.ON forever.

A rapidly changing landscape.

Invisible. Generic. Overcrowded. Price comparison websites have made it even harder to stand out in the energy market. To set E.ON apart, we needed to give people a meaningful reason to care about their energy supplier.

A matter of life and death

Air pollution is one of the biggest challenges facing the world today, contributing to 1 in 20 UK deaths. Energy generation is a major contributor. Whilst most energy companies talk ‘green’, E.ON has gone further than any other in terms of taking action.

Making the invisible, unmissable

To highlight E.ON’s commitment to tackling air pollution, we designed a campaign to generate as much low or no-cost broadcast coverage as possible.

First, we established E.ON’s clean-air credentials in the world’s first pollution eating White Paper. Then we installed a 16ft pair of interactive lungs in central London. The lungs tracked levels of air pollution across the city and reacted when limits surpassed those set by the world health organisation. Creating a visual representation that brought the out of sight to the front of mind.

Outstanding results

With a campaign that punched well above its weight, we delivered exceptional results that helped E.ON kickstart their clean energy future.

People reached in the first 24 hours


Increased in consumer belief for E.ON’s fight against air pollution


Online sales increased by