Cazoo - Search. Drive. Smile.

Turning a business concept into ​the UK’s fastest growing double unicorn​.

From designing their logo to recruiting their staff to delivering a stunningly effective TV campaign, we’ve been with Cazoo right from the start. ​

Partners since day one

Cazoo are an online only, used car buying platform on a mission to transform how the UK buy’s cars. We started working with Cazoo in February 2019 when they had just 1 employee. Fast forward to today and Cazoo has raised over £55m in investment and has a 100+ strong team. ​​

Designing & refining

We started by designing and commissioning research to identify a core target audience, uncover insights and develop a final proposition. Over the course of the process, we refined the proposition into three key pillars: buy online, a 7-day free return policy and a 150+ point guarantee for every car. These formed the building blocks for us to develop and defined a core belief, set of values and a brand identity for Cazoo.​​

Delivering the entire brand  

We developed Cazoo’s logo, typography, colour palette, illustration system, photographic guidelines and a tone of voice that cut through the ‘salesy’ world of used car buying. Then, we created a series of applications for the brand from website pages and office signage through to uniform designs, merchandise and the Mercedes transporters that deliver Cazoo cars across the UK. ​​Meanwhile, we set about developing a 360° integrated campaign with an agile process that involved pitching 4 cross-discipline Engine creative teams against one another. This ultimately led to 3 creative routes which went back into research to refine Cazoo’s proposition. ​​

Stunningly effective

It has been a truly collaborative partnership with us being right by Cazoo’s side as they’ve scaled up over 2019. We were there the day their logo went up above the door and a copywriter from Engine was one of Cazoo’s first customers, buying a baby blue Hyundai i10.​