Anchor - Butter the Food. Butter the Mood.

Butter the Food. Butter the Mood. Reinventing a British classic.​

Reinventing a classic to make the country fall in love with it all over again.​

Anchor butter is a beloved brand that currently sits at number three in the BSM (Butter, Spread and Margarine) category. They came to Engine with a clear ambition to be number two by 2020, overtaking Flora. We needed to find a way to tempt potential customers away from cheaper margarines and tempt them into trying delicious Anchor. Anchor butter has a rich heritage in the UK and people have long associated it with sunshine and positivity.

Delivering Buttery Butterness

Our multi-channel campaign ‘Butter the Food. Butter the Mood’ celebrated how delicious Anchor butter can enhance the taste of food, and your mood, by bringing in a little bit of ‘Buttery Betterness’ to anyone’s day.  ​

The campaign had a distinctive new look and feel that brought a playfulness and delight into food advertising. Perfectly representing the revitalised Anchor brand across TV, cinema, out of home and print.


We created a campaign that is almost as mood enhancing to see as Anchor spread is delicious to devour. It’s early days, but indicators show that: ​

  • The ad was The Grocer’s ‘Ad of the Week’, and topped Campaign’s consumer survey for most liked ad in the last 12 months, beating the likes of Amstel, Robinsons, Heinz and Uber  ​
  • Our TV creative has the strongest ‘Involvement’, ‘Brand Appeal’ and ‘Relevance’ scores of any Anchor advertising tested in the last few years, and these scores are all above Millward Brown’s benchmarks ​
  • After only two weeks of the campaign being live we were driving ‘Enjoyment’ and ‘Brand Linkage’ (important drivers of ROI) at significantly higher levels than the previous campaign ​
  • We have positive results for all the tracking measures that drive Millward Brown’s Brand Power score