Taking Action on Climate Change.

We’re on a mission to help future proof our industry for a sustainable future.

We believe that ENGINE, and the businesses with whom we work, have a critical role to play in delivering long lasting and impactful change. Our Climate Action Group, a cross-disciplinary team led by our Head of Sustainability Rachel Boland, is tasked with identifying opportunities across our own business operations and in our work with clients.

Whether that’s in developing more sustainable work processes and production approaches, or in advising our clients on how to use their influence to advocate for positive change, or in creating pro bono work for causes we believe in. Our ambition is to be at the forefront of change in our industry, to take courageous steps to protect the planet and use our position as a trusted advisor to businesses so that they can more fully understand their unique position of influence and reach and how they can help with the fight against climate change.

Starting the right conversation is not always easy or comfortable but it’s vital, for all of us, that we do.

Engine Carbon Reduction Plan.


Rachel Boland

Head of Sustainability

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