Gemma Glover

Gemma Glover
is the
Head of Influencer Strategy

Gemma is the Head of Influencer Strategy at Engine and has spent the past seven years working with and building the influencer team.

Her role is to ensure influencer strategy, where relevant, is integrated seamlessly and authentically into the brands we work with. She works closely with both strategists and creatives, advising them on the best way to collaborate with influencers, recommending the right influencers to partner with, and ensuring we always measure effectiveness against campaign objectives.

Gemma has delivered successful influencer campaigns for more than half of our clients, from brands who live and breathe the influencer world such as fashion giant Next, through to brands who are not as familiar with the influencer sphere such as Santander, Mitsubishi, Born Free, and South Western Railway.

She has also been responsible for award-winning campaigns for Pride London (‘Love Happens Here’) and Duchenne (‘World’s Strongest Boys’), where she leveraged her network and relationships to recruit top tier celebrities and influencers in support of the campaign.

Gemma has been featured in various industry articles recently including Campaign Magazine and Retail week for her influencer expertise knowledge.

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