Marketing trends for 2022: Automotive and ‘green’ mobility.

Marketing trends for 2022: Automotive and ‘green’ mobility.

Sustainability-minded transport options such as electric cars are moving beyond early adopter audiences to early majority adoption, indicating acceptance and future demand from a far broader mainstream audience in 2022.

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As manufacturers launch their full range of electric vehicles, many are scrambling to overhaul every aspect of their customer experience to future-proof growth.

Based on current trends and policies, the number of electric vehicles (EVs), including cars, vans, heavy trucks and buses, is projected to reach 145 million by 2030. Over the next eight years, rates of adoption for each manufacturer will be driven by the personal circumstances and choices of millions of new car buyers globally.

The ability of manufacturers to influence these decisions effectively will be key to their ability to grow over this period. Our perspective on automotive trends paints a picture of the human factors at play in adoption today and the implications for manufacturer marketing and sales teams.

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