Kim Lawrie named Tech Trailblazer in BIMA 100.

Kim Lawrie named Tech Trailblazer in BIMA 100.

First Published in BIMA.

A worthy winner because…

As one of the very few female creative industry leaders – and one of even fewer female Creative Technology leads – Kim always goes above and beyond for those she works with, her clients and the projects she takes on. But she is also a worthy winner in this category for her other, more personal achievements.

She was accepted (and has since completed) the exclusive Google Rare Leadership Accelerator – a scheme for underrepresented future creative leaders who wish to fundamentally change the creative industries for the better that equips attendees with the connections, insight, skills, and tools to succeed in a post-COVID world, fast-tracking underrepresented talent to the top. She judged the 2020 DMA Awards, ran a BIMA Masterclass in rapid tech response to the COVID crisis, and worked with Brixton Finishing School to build Engine’s Black History Month campaign. She also spoke publicly about her experiences as an autistic person in the creative industry then, as part of that, worked with several young people on the spectrum in the creative industry to mentor and help them.

She was named one of the Top 100 Creative Industry Influencers of 2020 and shortlisted for the Oystercatchers Spotlight 2020 Award. As everyone who’s ever worked with Kim will agree, it is a pleasure to work with her. Which is why we can’t wait to work with her some more – and see what she achieves next – in 2021.