Engine Mischief Launches the 'Attenion Trends Forecast'.

Engine Mischief Launches the 'Attention Trends Forecast'.

Today, Engine Mischief unveils the 'Attention Trends Forecast' a showcase of the ten hottest trends of 2021 that will help brands cut-through in the Attention Rebellion era.

Engine | Mischief coined the phrase ‘Attention Rebellion’ to denote the decline in attention spans and the proliferation of brand spam last year and the Trends Forecast is the next step in helping brands to win in this era.

We worked with futurologists to identify the Attention Trends through extensive analysis of public surveys and blogs, interviews with forecaster and expert networks and social listening across a vast range of channels and audiences. The results are an intriguing insight into consumer behaviour, beliefs and attitudes in a post-lockdown world, from Dark Dopamine (how we’ve used dark humour to get us through hard times) to Yolo Solo (how people aren’t ready to give up their ‘me time’ just yet) and Ravenaissance (the over 40s discovering their love on the dancefloor again).

The Attention Trends Forecast launched today with a live panel webinar featuring one of lockdown’s most successful attention-seekers, social media sensation Munya Chawawa, ENGINE | Mischief’s MD (Greg Jones) and Head of Insight and Strategy (Lucy Hart) and futurologist Miriam Rayman.

The Forecast can be viewed here and via downloadable pdf.

Greg Jones, Managing Director of Engine | Mischief commented:

We know that in order to win in the Attention Rebellion era not only do brands need to pull on the three ‘attention levers’ of personal, surprising and emotional, they also need to be more culturally relevant than ever. Which is why the Attention Trends Forecast will be such a vital asset for anyone looking to grab - and keep - consumer attention in 2021.