Valentines with Engine

A Love Story.

This Valentine’s Day we wanted to know what our employees love the most about working at Engine (so we can do more of it). We asked Charlie Hurrell, our Chief Client Officer five questions about why Engine is the company for her.

Why did you fancy working at Engine?

I fancied working at Engine because I rather fancied being a part of the creativity that was being produced. The work for The Kiyan Prince Foundation has just gone live as I was meeting with the Creative Chief Executive Officer and the leadership team at the time; I thought it was hands-down, the most interesting, innovative and compelling idea I’d seen in ages. Just brilliant.

What do you love the most about the people at Engine?

I love how ready we are to help each other and pitch in. Our talent is soooo talented and they are experts in what they do. But everyone is also happy to cross the lines of what their role is. That fluidity, as opposed to ‘not my job’ syndrome is refreshing and a great way to work. Together we are better than we are alone.

Which of our brilliant i-networks do you crush on the most?

I want to say all of them, can I have multiple crushes? But specifically, Working Parents, & Ageism. I feel passionately about how we create the conditions for working parents to thrive and enable their professional lives to be in harmony with their personal lives. And Aegism. Don’t get my started on how, not just our industry, but society in general can regard anyone over about the age of 50, as no longer seen or able to positively contribute to the workplace or society. That’s changing but so much more needs to be done.

What’s been your most admirable moment so far?

Presenting Engine Creative credentials with the team to a large room of top CMOs and the searching questions and positive feedback that ensued about our creative work, our culture and our direction of travel as an agency.

What have you fallen for in our Engine Culture?

The progressive nature of this business is magnetic. The respect with which we treat each other; our deep and authentic emphasis on RDE+I; how people speak honestly and speak their truth and how debate and the positive friction that arises from this, leads to more original and interesting creativity, that shows up in so many different ways.

Charlie Hurrell, Chief Client Officer.