Social & Influencer Marketing

Social & Influencer Marketing.
Creating brands that people love through a deep understanding of platforms and behaviour.

Working with the ideal influencers for your organisation, we connect brands to audiences in fresh new ways across every social media platform.

Effective use of social media platforms and influencer marketing starts with a clear understanding of how platforms work and how people use them. We bring unparalleled understanding to the ever-changing landscape of social media algorithms, policies and platforms, enabling us to advise and train clients on best-practice and how people really behave in this space.  

Taking a performance mindset to all of our work, we understand the role of social media and influencers as part of the marketing plan, analysing audience journeys & behaviour, and designing strategies that help to effectively change behaviour to achieve client objectives.  

Connecting brands with influencers, we create authentic partnerships and engaging content. We build strong influencer strategies for our clients, working with content creators who can help to engage their own audiences with the brand message.  

We create content that really works in social media. This means going beyond have videos in the right format or thinking about sound on vs sound off. It means understanding how people will engage with and respond to your content, and having a genuine understanding that being right for social goes beyond reformatting your TV or (indeed) your print ad. 

We follow 12-Factor App and Devops principles to build resilient, secure, scalable and testable applications:

  • Architecture founded on Domain Driven Design principles.
  • Development based on SOLID principals, leveraging proven technology and frameworks.
  • ‘Everything as code’ approach to configuration and deployment (for example using Docker, Terraform, Helm, CircleCI).
  • Site Reliability Engineering incorporating observability operations, monitoring and alerting to ensure systems have maximum uptime and reliability.
  • Marick Agile 4-quadrant testing, exploiting BDD/TDD/Integration, accessibility, performance/ security testing supported by static code analysis.
  • Architecture Decision Records capture key decisions.

We look to build reusable processes, capabilities, components and patterns that are shared across multiple projects and workstreams. Our work regularly meets WCAG 2.1 AA standards, front-end performance and OWASP security patterns and multiple front-end frameworks (Angular, React).

Our specialisms

  • Social media strategy
  • Social data analytics
  • Social media campaigns
  • Social media training and workshops
  • Tone of voice strategy and training
  • Content marketing
  • Influencer marketing

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