Growth & Innovation Strategy

Growth & Innovation Strategy.
Unlocking the entrepreneurial potential of your business.

We understand that in a connected world, disruptive innovation has become the single most important force behind sustainable and profitable growth.

We create growth through our proprietary innovation approach, OPM (Opportunity, Proposition and Manifestation). OPM combines design thinking with design doing, identifying opportunities for long-term growth and creating the tangible strategies needed to realise them.

Our process begins with the Opportunity identification phase, where we identify commercial growth opportunities for both your brand and business.

We do this by developing a comprehensive understanding of your organisation, industry, customers and competitors, and use these insights to frame the opportunities best suited for growth.

Each opportunity is evaluated and prioritised by assessing customer lovability, technical feasibility and commercial viability, to ensure it’s worth pursuing.

Then we enter the Proposition design phase, where we work iteratively to design, prototype and validate propositions to realise our opportunities.

Propositions can take many forms: Products, Services, Experiences, Brands, Platforms, Spaces and Ventures.

Our commercial consultants and creative designers work together to create, test, and validate a proposition's features and benefits to ensure they achieve market-fit and deliver an exceptional end-user experience.

Once validated, we develop delivery roadmaps, capability requirements and commercial cases that ensure that your proposition will be funded and launched within your business.

Finally, we enter the Manifestation phase, where we work with you to take your proposition to market.

We do this by leveraging the wider capabilities across Engine Group, including:

  • Our technology and engineering capabilities to develop and deliver the proposition.
  • Our employee engagement capabilities to embed change and bring the proposition to life.
  • Our brand and creative capabilities to create engaging and compelling routes to market.

Both our engagements and OPM approach are designed to adapt to your business and in-house expertise. That’s because we know that whilst the challenges we face may be similar, our businesses are not. Each engagement model is designed to adapt and function in a way that's flexible, commercially viable and scalable.

Our specialisms

  • Opportunity assessment
  • Innovation and growth strategy
  • Customer experience design
  • Proposition development
  • Prototyping and visualisation
  • Commercial planning
  • Customer insight and validation
  • Launch and venture design

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