Brand Identity and Experience

Brand Identity & Experience.
Designing living brand systems that work seamlessly across every touchpoint.

In today’s connected world, brands are primarily experienced through interaction, not consumption. We design brands that successfully engage customers across the myriad of existing and emerging touch points.

We partner with you to craft purpose, positioning and propositions that can be activated across the fundamental building blocks of a visual identity. From logo and colour palette, through to bespoke typography and imagery.  

We help find your voice and define it in a way that’s genuinely applicable across every touchpoint. Equipping you with the tools and messages to flex to meet the needs of any channel, with a clear and distinctive voice.  

We find ways to communicate your brand through motion, presence, sound, haptics and materiality, so it can be expressed in any form both physically and digitally. 

We help translate the essence of these foundations into practical frameworks that ensure your brand is represented effectively through every experience and interaction.  

Each brand system we create is delivered digitally and codified to provide effortless brand management. Acting as a both a single source of truth and actionable guidelines. 

Our specialisms

  • Diagnosis, measurement and insight 
  • Purpose, positioning, proposition 
  • Portfolio architecture 
  • Visual identity 
  • Verbal identity 
  • Sonic, motion and sensory identity 
  • Branded interfaces 
  • Brand system design 
  • Brand Management 

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