Technology Strategy & Implementation

Technology Strategy & Implementation.
Where technology, research and data meet to solve strategic challenges.

Our vendor-independent technology consultancy combines a deep knowledge of user needs, with the expertise to understand how your organisation can best use technology to meet them. We deliver practical, valuable outcomes, not theory.

Our technology and business consultancies are closely aligned with our user-needs driven approach to business transformation.

Beginning with a comprehensive review of your existing technology stack, in parallel with a mapping of the likely future technology needs, we benchmark against similar, or more advanced organisations to understand the future success-state for your business. Our experienced consultants deliver recommendations and blueprints for the optimal technology stack, as well as the critical roadmap to achieve it. Additionally, we continually look to identify implementable quick-wins within the existing stack, bringing rapid efficiency gains and improvements to the customer experience.

Our in-house development team creates rapid prototypes to test viability of options, ensuring no efficiencies or innovations are missed. All this is aimed towards proving early value which can then be scaled at speed.

We bridge the divide between real business problems and complex technology solutions, delivering a range of project types:

  • Cloud migrations
  • Reviewing and recommending technology strategy
  • Forming and designing technical teams
  • Solutions design and architecture
  • Buy vs build evaluation
  • Utilising data management frameworks and data strategies
  • How to leverage big data and machine learning
  • Reviewing existing programmes and projects

We deliver solutions. Our advice is rooted in what is practically possible, as opposed to purely theoretical thinking. Whether it’s helping an organisation who is being disrupted by technology and needs to change their approach, or supporting smaller newer companies with the array of options, we have the experience and scale to solve your problem. 

Our specialisms

  • Agile/Scaled Agile
  • Programme design and initiation
  • Future operational design including devops
  • Technology strategy and architecture
  • Road mapping and implementation
  • Data strategy
  • Business case development
  • Vendor selection and procurement

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