Software Engineering

Software Engineering.
Experts in building open source and cloud-first applications.

We deliver bespoke software solutions from simple content management systems to complex real-time APIs dealing with 10,000 requests per second. Additionally, through the application of machine learning, we exploit complex data enabling organisations to make better decisions.

Our software engineering capabilities encompass technical architecture, software development build and support across a range of languages. We manage development teams and processes throughout all stages, and regularly leverage Infrastructure, Platforms and Software as a Service (IaaS, PaaS, Saas). Our diverse team of specialist engineers allows us to bring the right expertise to bear on each project and engagement.

With a deep focus on the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) combined with extensive stakeholder engagement, we ensure early buy-in and assurance. User research and needs analysis, central to our delivery process, employs a wide range of qualitative and quanative analysis and user validation. This steel thread approach, with early and ongoing engagement, enables on-time & on-budget delivery across multiple projects.

We follow 12-Factor App and Devops principles to build resilient, secure, scalable and testable applications:

  • Architecture founded on Domain Driven Design principles.
  • Development based on SOLID principals, leveraging proven technology and frameworks.
  • ‘Everything as code’ approach to configuration and deployment (for example using Docker, Terraform, Helm, CircleCI).
  • Site Reliability Engineering incorporating observability operations, monitoring and alerting to ensure systems have maximum uptime and reliability.
  • Marick Agile 4-quadrant testing, exploiting BDD/TDD/Integration, accessibility, performance/security testing supported by static code analysis.
  • Architecture Decision Records capture key decisions.

We look to build reusable processes, capabilities, components and patterns that are shared across multiple projects and workstreams. 

Our work regularly meets WCAG 2.1 AA standards, front-end performance and OWASP security patterns and multiple front-end frameworks (Angular, React).

Our specialisms

  • Digital services
  • Response design
  • Mobile hybrid & native apps (Apple & Android)
  • Progressive web apps (PWA)
  • Mobile device management
  • Case management systems
  • Workflow rules engines
  • Embedding machine learning in production
  • AWS/Azure/GCP
  • Devops (CI/CD, TDD/BDD, Infrastructure as Code, Docker, Kubernetes, Mobile Deployment)
  • Angular, React, NodeJS, Java, Kotlin, Scala, Python, C#
  • API design and development

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