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Org & Ops Design.
Building resilient marketing structures for brands of all shapes and sizes.

We are specialists in building resilient marketing structures for brands of all shapes and sizes.

We put the right people with the right skills in the right place, working in the right way – all underpinned by the right technology. Our approach evaluates the maturity of an organisation across seven attributes, and then designs, plans and implements the change across people, process and technology to achieve success.

Why do we exist?

With consumer expectations outstripping the ability to respond to them and more data than we know what to do with, the marketing mix continues to fragment. Many Marketing Departments are no longer fit for purpose.

At the same time, there is a growing demand for businesses to meet customer demands for a more connected, continuous and hyper-relevant experience. Marketing teams must be more efficient, effective and skilled than ever to ensure they can meet business goals amid cuts to budget and headcount.

How we solve the problem?

Engine’s approach considers the maturity of the Marketing function across seven areas that are pivotal to success, including: customer-centricity, strategy, people and talent, culture and innovation, operating model, technology and automation and data. We then design bespoke Target Operating Models, as well as plan and implement the change required.

Our experts guarantee quantifiable results through increased efficiency and effectiveness, higher quality outputs and a more engaged workforce.

Our specialisms

  • Evaluation of existing structures; internal and agencies
  • Review of processes and ways of working across teams
  • Analysis of maturity against qualities of modern marketing functions
  • Design of future target operating models: people, process and technology
  • Identification and prioritisation of initiatives for change
  • Implementation and enablement of the change required

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