Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence.
Helping brands & organisations thrive through analysis and insight of market dynamics.

Our insight and strategy experts help our clients to make better strategic decisions.

We use multiple sources of information from competitor assessments to market trends and primary customer research to generate insights and recommendations on where to play and how to succeed. Whether our clients are looking to grow or protect existing market share, assess the threat from new entrants, understand the size and need of new markets, or innovate through white space we are able to support through providing robust strategic market intelligence and opportunity assessments.

We specifically focus on:

Customer needs assessments, investigating the underlying rational and emotional needs of customers. Uncovering the needs that lie behind the behaviour of customers and propositions of competitors, revealing market gaps that can be addressed through new products, service or communications.

Proposition development and concept testing, where we co-create and validate the design of a new concept, product or service to understand how it fits into the market and ensure it meets the expectations and needs of the customer.

Competitor analysis that benchmarks a brand, product or service against competitor propositions and performance, growth plans against market trends, and strengths and weaknesses to inform strategic decisions and opportunities for growth.

Scenario planning by assessing a brands current market position (size, share, competitor forces) and how trends may evolve across market, technology and society to provide new challenge or opportunity areas to address.

Brand/product positioning research identifying the perceptions the market holds of the product, service or brand. Specifically, how it meets the relevant needs in the market; compares against competitors and how aware, familiar and inclined to consider or use the brand customers are.

Our specialisms

  • Market segmentation
  • Customer needs assessment
  • Proposition and concept testing
  • Competitor analysis
  • Future scenario planning
  • Usage and attitude studies
  • Brand positioning research

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