Behavioural Science

Behavioural Science.
Understanding what makes people listen, engage and act. 

We are industry leaders in the application of behavioural science to solve complex brand, communication and service design challenges.

Behavioural science for communications.

In a digitally connected world that is more polarised, tribal and activist, understanding what makes people listen, engage and act is more important than ever.

Our award-winning Networked Age research programme blends the latest scientific insight from leading institutions including UCL, Cambridge University and The Depolarization Project, with proprietary audience data to develop a range of tools and methodologies. This enables us to create more persuasive messages and messengers, and build more effective behaviour change campaigns.

We created a movement for the NHS that became PR Week’s Campaign of the Decade. “Missing Type” harnessed simple behavioural principles to increase participation and boost blood donations.

We run an enterprise coaching programme for one of the world’s leading FMCG companies, helping local businesses grow sales during a pandemic.

Our exclusive partnership with specialist consultancy INFLUENCE AT WORK gives us access to a team of 20 leading behavioural scientists, including Robert Cialdini and Steve Martin, authors of best-selling books including Influence, Yes! And Messengers.

Behavioural science for service design.

Our 'Head, Heart, Hands' framework looks at behaviour change as a connected whole.

Understanding people, their places, contexts and communities. With the rapidly changing technology landscape offering new opportunities, we have been instrumental in designing and delivering some of the most recognised and effective behaviour change services in recent times, including ’Sugar Smart’, 'Couch to 5k’, and 'How Are You?’ for Public Health England, the national online self-exclusion scheme, GamStop and 'Life Checks’ for the Australian Department of Health.

Our service design work has been recognised with Australia's Good Design Award and we are the only UK finalist for the 2020 global Service Design Network award.

Our specialisms

  • Rules of Influence: Reputation strategy
  • Purpose Pathfinder: Master narrative and brand platform development
  • Seven Second Storytelling: Creative content production
  • Messengers: Spokesperson and ambassador identification and training
  • Nudge: Behavioural science consultancy
  • The Behaviour Change Wheel
  • COM-b
  • PRIME Theory
  • Systems Thinking
  • Lego Serious Play

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Deputy CEO, MHP
Behavioural Science for communications

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Managing Director, Research, Strategy & Service Design
Behavioural Science for service design

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