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Improving business decision making by delivering actionable insight from data.

We bring together research, data science, technology and behavioural change to shape strategies that deliver meaningful growth.

We help organisations understand where they fit into the competitive landscape by analysing perception, assessing positioning and benchmarking how customer needs are met in the real world.

We build and configure technology, processes and organisational change that enables businesses to create and benefit from single customer views. We deliver and manage detailed customer segmentations as well as creating predictive behaviour and spend models.

And with a team of leading behavioural scientists, we understand how people listen, engage and act, and how to translate those insights into communications that deliver long-lasting behavioural change.

Applied market intelligence to deliver strategic recommendations.

Working across a wide variety of market intelligence methodologies including customer needs assessments, proposition development, competitor and brand benchmarking.

We help organisations grow or protect market share as well as determine successful innovation strategies.

Deep customer and employee understanding for better strategic decisions.

Helping brands and organisations evolve and thrive by developing a deep understanding of both their customers and employees.

Customer experience benchmarking, quantitative and qualitative research, testing and evaluation.

Access to a team of 20 leading behavioural scientists.

Applying behavioural science tools and methodologies such as rules of influence, nudge, storytelling and messengers.

Solving complex brand and communications challenges by understanding what makes people listen, engage and ultimately, act.

Turning data insight into value.

Driving transformational growth through data-driven decision making by bringing together multiple data sources and identity matching.

Building single customer views and applying descriptive, diagnostic and predictive value models.

We work with the UK’s most forward-thinking organisations

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