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WorkSafe Victoria

Engaging young workers



ENGINE conducted preformative research to inform the development of a marketing campaign that supports the health and safe of young workers (15-24 years) at work.


We engaged young workers through a 3-day online Digital Hive community (n=80) that could be done across any device and at a time of their choosing.

We engaged employers/managers/supervisors through focus groups (n=60) at times scheduled for after the working day (5:30pm onwards) in a suitable location.

The preformative research engaged with two key target audiences to gain important insights to inform the WorkSafe young workers campaign.

Audience 1: Young Workers – Engine ran an online community (Digital Hive) using our proprietary software, gathering insights from n=80 young workers across Victoria (including 20+ identified Cassandra Trendsetters) on their awareness, attitudes and behaviours to health and safety in the workplace and to WorkSafe (e.g. knowledge of WorkSafe and how they could better support young workers).

Audience 2: Employers, Managers, and Supervisors –Six focus groups were conducted in both metro and regional areas of Victoria to understand the perspectives of employers, managers, and supervisors towards the health and safety of young workers within their workplace.


ENGINE identified how WorkSafe could best support young workers.

  • Pin-pointed the main messages to be incorporated in future marketing campaigns.
  • Revealed the level of awareness of health and safety for young workers.
  • Unlocked the most effective method to engage with each target audience.
  • Discovered where future campaign efforts should be focused to have the most influence on young workers.
  • Identified behavior, barriers, and motivators of each target audience.