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EDL: Customer & Winning Workplaces

Helping build a customer-centric culture



ENGINE partnered with EDL to help it build a customer-centric culture to support its vision to be a company that exceeds customer expectations. Engine helped EDL develop an authentic Customer Charter that EDL has communicated to its customers.


  • Having worked with ENGINE in the pre-formative stage of this vision, customer feedback already gathered was used as the starting platform to create a Discussion Guide to conduct interviews with EDL staff.
  • In parallel, EDL’s internal management processes, culture activities and communications were reviewed as part of Secondary Research.
  • ENGINE then conducted multiple staff interviews across varying levels of the company, in both domestic and international markets.
  • Further work was then done to amalgamate the data sets (customer feedback, staff feedback, internal documents) plus additional Secondary Research which explored and provided inspiration for relevant best practice frameworks that would help inform the activation stage.
  • A Customer Centricity Co-Design workshop was held with EDL senior stakeholders to bring the research results together and create an Action Plan to inform next steps.


As a result of
our research we were
able to help EDL:


Measure and understand both the customer and staff landscape in terms of experience, current/future behavior, and expectations.


Identify quick wins within the customer/staff ecosystem


Produce an informed and authentic Customer Charter that EDL disseminated across both internal and external stakeholders to support the creation of a customer-centric culture.