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EDL: A Customer-centric Approach Based on ENGINE Insights Data



EDL tasked itself to exceed customer expectations as part of its vision and strategy: beginning with an aim to be measured by its customers in a survey.


  • Following a kick-off meeting, ENGINE designed a Discussion Guide to map the core content areas and topics, to help address any knowledge gaps and deliver against research objectives.
  • The Discussion Guide was used to conduct in-depth interviews with EDL customers across mining, utilities, and landfill, and with execs, operators, engineers, and commercial staff; engaging customers across domestic and international markets.
  • The learnings provided a deep understanding of the experience of an EDL customer, giving the research real-life examples that could be tried and validated across a large sample size in the resultant online customer survey launched afterward.


As a result of our research we were able to help EDL identify:


  • Where future customer efforts should be focused
  • The most effective methods to engage customers
  • The key strengths of an EDL relationship
  • What level of awareness exists when it comes to a customer’s understanding of EDL’s vision and brand positioning
  • What has the greatest impact on customer advocacy
  • Biggest opportunities to fuel both quick wins and long-term strategies