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Understand the dynamics of the local e-commerce environment amongst equipment owners to develop the most appropriate e-commerce platform for product support in the China market.


Working with local stakeholders, we designed and implemented a survey amongst local Caterpillar customers to understand their needs and expectations of a Caterpillar e-commerce platform, focusing on:

  • Attitudes/barriers to using e-commerce platforms
  • Current usage (what for) and best-in-class platform (why)
  • Interest in using a Caterpillar e-commerce platform for product support
  • Expectations/requirements of such a Caterpillar e-commerce platform, including:
    • Expected level of order fulfilment
    • Payment options
  • Identify how users would access such a site
  • Understand willingness to be marketed to via this channel. 


Guided the product support team in understanding customers and aligning solutions to meet their needs.

Provided framework for the product support team to evaluate their solutions and identify areas in need of additional development.

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