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Customer-Owned Bank

Designing technology for the digital era



Design technology that will help bring a customer-owned bank into the digital age—all within a design sprint.


We launched a series of research tactics that revealed that young people are looking for a single, customisable experience to manage cash-flow, track saving goals, understand their spending habits, and be made aware of upcoming bills.

Our design sprint went as follows:

Day 1 – Map and Understand
Align Design Sprint participants on digital and neo-banks trends, millennials and their drivers and behaviors as well as compliance and fraud post the Royal Commission in to Banking.

Day 2 – Research
Speaking to eight university students to validate the assumptions reached on Day 1 about the needs of young potential customers.

Day 3 – Analyse and Define
Collaboratively analysing the interview data in order to define the customer needs more clearly and developing experience design artefacts.

Day 4 – Ideate and Decide
Narrowing down customer needs to a few elements for which we could develop a range of solution and build a concept prototype (two banking app screens: dashboard and saving goals screen).

Day 5 – Test
User testing the concept prototype with an additional four university students and collaborate on the key take-aways from the design sprint.



Built momentum within the Digital Transformation team toward the establishment of the targeted MVP.


Supported the enablement of the technology capability uplift.


Created evidence-based design.


Developed a concept prototype highlighting expected features in banking today.


Tackled complex problem statements to accelerate a digital transformation within 5 days.