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Don’t Make Smokes Your Story

Helping the Australian Government inspire a movement to quit smoking



Inspire a movement amongst indigenous Australians to quit smoking by driving awareness of its dangers.


We conducted two rounds of qualitative research to determine the preferred creative concept and to refine the final campaign material.

For the evaluation we recruited and trained local interviewers across 20 Indigenous communities (including urban, regional and remote locations). Our interviewers conducted 350 face-to-face interviews with Indigenous smokers.

The research found that out of five concepts, Don’t Make Smokes Your Story (DMSYS) had the greatest potential to drive behaviour change. DMSYS resonated closely with the target audience as it centred around the story of an Indigenous family and a father’s journey towards quitting. The DMSYS campaign was then refined during the second round of concept testing to ensure the campaign would be as effective as possible.


Increased the use of the department’s quitting smoking tools.


Drove visits to the QuitNow website and downloads of the MyQuitBuddy app, during the campaign.


of the target audience was exposed to the campaign

65% increase

in MyQuitBuddy app downloads during the campaign week (3k a week for 5k to a week).


of those exposed to the campaign claimed to quit smoking.


(35k people) exposed to the campaign claimed to have reduced how much they smoke.