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Australian Government Department

Developing digital solutions to improve cultural competence in the servicing of Indigenous job seekers by job-active providers.



In partnership with Sevenseas Creative, develop digital solutions to improve cultural competence in the servicing of indigenous job seekers by job-active providers.


Since the research was exploratory, a qualitative approach was utilised. This enabled the research team to unpack the concept of cultural appropriateness; which fed into the development of the digital tool and recommended strategies.

The research covered five locations across Australia.

Across all locations a total of 18 focus groups were conducted with Indigenous job seekers and recently employed Indigenous people who were previously registered with a job active provider (within the last 12 months). A further 24 in-depth interviews (IDIs) were conducted with job-active providers, Aboriginal Employment Service agencies and Vocational Training agencies.



Developed a digital tool to guide job-active providers in dealing with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander job seekers.


Digital tool guides job-active providers through the touchpoints of service delivery, provide links to background information, and relevant local contacts.