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Introducing New Faces at ENGINE!

We have had some great people join our team recently!


Kylie Miller

Director, Government & Social Research, Sydney

Born: Darwin
Also lived in: Adelaide, Indonesia, UK
Industry experience: 5 years research in government departments and 20 years in market research agencies such as GfK and Blue Moon, across both government and commercial.
Most interesting jobs/projects: Interviewing prisoners in Long Bay Gaol, Breast implant segmentation
Pets: 2 senior labradoodles – Mozzy and Zappa (and recently departed chickens and turkeys)


Imogen Holdsworth

Insights Analyst, Winning Workplaces, Melbourne

Industry experience: I’ve been in research for two years, first started in market and social/government research
Tea/coffee: always tea over coffee – start the day with black tea with no milk or sugar and a green or fruit tea in the evening
Hobbies: sewing, cooking/baking (triple chocolate cookies are my specialty), tending to my 40+ indoor plants
Pets: no pets but I love chickens and Bees


Drew Olarenshaw

Senior Insights Consultant, Winning Workplaces, Melbourne

Meaning of my last name: Forest dweller
Experience in industry: 7 years which spans employee and customer research.
Footy team: West Coast
Preferred coffee: Cappuccino
Pets: Freckles the labradoodle
Favourite food: Spag bol
Favourite musician: Childish Gambino
Favourite kitchen utensil: Microplane
Favourite holiday destination: Lord Howe Island
First word: Light
Celeb lookalike: Ryan from the OC
Hobby: Footy coaching
Most stressful job: Footy coaching


Chaturika Perera

Senior Insights Consultant, Winning Workplaces/C&C, Melbourne

Chaturika joined ENGINE as a Senior Insights Consultant in the Winning Workplaces / Consumer & Commercial team. Chaturika has experience in syndicated as well as customised research, specifically client servicing, project management and working with data.

Originally from Sri Lanka, Chaturika moved to Australia 7 years ago. She usually spends her weekends baking and is a professional cake decorator. Apart from baking sweet treats, she loves reading, binging on any good TV shows, hiking and camping with her husband.

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