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Connecting Policy with Outcomes Webinar

On 8 Feb 2022 ENGINE hosted a digital transformation webinar called “Connecting Policy with Outcomes” – specifically looking at how to overcome public sector challenges by turning policy intent into digital service delivery. It was organised by the Public Sector Network – a well-known brand in delivering thought leadership and learnings across the public sector.

Across jurisdictions, public sector agencies face a common challenge; delivering increasingly complex and cross-jurisdictional social policies with limited time and resources. Navigating these barriers is key to translating policy to citizen outcomes and was the primary focus of this webinar.

Through the webinar, we:

  • Shared the key challenges in turning policy ideas into effective digital services, and explored how various government agencies are working to overcome them
  • Discussed how to utilise modern technology and agile delivery methods to balance user needs with policy, resource and compliance constraints
  • Explored local and global case studies that demonstrate how modern digital service delivery is creating meaningful social impact and wellbeing outcomes for citizens

We lined up an impressive list of presenters and panellists:

  • Rick Macourt (Director, Strategic and Aboriginal Outcomes, NSW Treasury) who presented about delivering Indigenous community outcomes
  • Julie Brereton (Senior Director Online Strategy and Design, ACT Health) who reflected on her journey leading digital at the Department of Education and Training
  • Michael Talbot (Ex-Deputy Secretary, Courts & Tribunal Services) who shared his wisdom about business transformation within Justice and the importance of assessing internal capabilities and finding the right delivery rhythm

Over 70 registered attendees from across all tiers of government shared their experiences. A massive thank you for everyone involved.

For those who may have missed the webinar and would like to see the content, feel free to have a look at the recorded webinar here. Please do reach out if you would like to discuss your digital, research or service delivery challenges.

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