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Behaviour Change Tool Wins Good Design Award

ENGINE APAC’s Life Checks tool has received a prestigious Good Design Award Winner Accolade in the Service Design category in recognition for outstanding design and innovation. Life Checks is a joint initiative of the Australian Government, led by the Department of Health, with Treasury, Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business Department of Social Services, Department of Education and Training, and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

The design challenge was to drive behavioural change by assisting users to identify how their lifestyle choices can help them to take control of their future and make the most of the rest of their lives across four key areas: health, finance, work and social life. Early planning is critical to ageing well to ensure people take steps to be prepared, healthy, independent and connected to their community.

The challenge was to empower users to make choices that work for them, rather than a tool that would tell people what to do. This took the form of an online self-assessment tool, that delivered a personalised experience with results and recommendations unique to each user.

We successfully applied our human-centred service design methodology and worked through discovery, design and delivery to successfully launch the tool to the Australian public. Throughout the execution of our design methodology, we worked closely with the end-user through face-to-face interviews and digital-based research tools. We used paper and interactive prototypes to thoroughly test concepts, visuals, the language and narrative styles. Work was conducted closely with the client and a larger stakeholder group across the Australian government embracing a lean and agile way of working. The result is an inclusive and intuitive design using visuals and interactivity to appeal to a broad audience regardless of their digital and literacy levels.

Today the Life Checks platform has been visited over 200k times. 43% completed the self-assessment and the Department of Health is expecting an increase in usage with the ongoing promotion of the Life Checks platform in the future – https://www.lifechecks.gov.au/.

The Good Design Award highlights the benefit and desire for customer engagement platforms that are centered around life events and provide a personalised experience. There’s no shortage of content on the web, but making this content accessible and easy to understand is where behavioural change tools can provide true value for customers.