The world of work is changing and our latest global research reveals 53% of employees and leaders believe the pace of this change and inability to adapt is the number one threat to business growth and success in the future. With only 43% of employees rating their current employer as future-ready, the great news is that both front-line employees and leaders are willing to take collective responsibility to ensure the necessary changes are made to succeed in the future.


Despite this, many leaders are missing the opportunity to harness their employees’ enthusiasm for change and collective action. Only one third (35%) of front-line employees have the opportunity to share ideas on how change is implemented. This is a missed opportunity for leaders to achieve truly sustainable change and a more agile and adaptable workforce.

Our Future That Works report shares findings from research with over 6,000 leaders and employees, including the latest thinking from experts within Engine, industry and academia. The report kicks off a series of blogs, podcasts and meet-ups about how to transform your workplace and workforce to be fit for the future. We held an exclusive breakfast event on the 10th September at the Hyatt Regency in Sydney. Our panelists, Elly Dalziel (Manager Workplace Experiences, Office and Industrial, Mirvac), Matt Henderson (Digital Transformation Business Lead, Greater Bank) & Gavin Heaton (Founder, Disruptor’s Handbook) discussed how they have created successful digital experiences for people by aligning strategy, technology and processes.

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ACMA Appoints ENGINE to Develop Australia’s First National Gambling Self-Exclusion Register

ENGINE, a global, full-service media and marketing services company, has been appointed by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) to develop and operate Australia’s first National Gambling Self-Exclusion Register. The final product will allow people to self-exclude from all licenced online and telephone betting services, such as those offering betting on horse racing and sports, in a single process.


The Need for Empathy in Media Planning

Creating Positive Emotional Associations Through CX Conscious Media Executions is essential. Empowered by access to more information, technology and social networks, consumers have come to expect more from brands. Over the past decade, this has led to a notable shift in the attention brands are paying to customer experience (CX) management and the investment they are willing to make in it.


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