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2ND JUNE 2017


For a long time, it was cool to tell people you “didn’t even own a TV,” perhaps to prove how valuable your time was? I never cared. I’ve always binge-watched unabashedly. Long before Hulu, I imagined a future in which TV lived completely online, free to exist unencumbered by cable providers and time slots. Now that I’m subscribed to Hulu with Showtime, Netflix, HBO Go, and Amazon Prime I’m pretty much livin’ my dream.

In June 2016 when Deep Focus presented us with the challenge to submit an idea for a SXSW panel that would not only be judged internally, but also submitted to the official SXSW Panel Picker, it was immediately clear the subject I would approach: Bingers & Time-Shifters: The Future of TV Marketing. A catchy title was just the beginning.

After the idea survived leadership’s internal vetting process, I had to curate a collection of other speakers and convince them to join the venture. Then, to make sure that my idea could not be overlooked, I snagged various volunteers from our office to create an unofficial focus group video, clearly showing the winds of change in TV viewing habits among young people. Two months later, I was informed that my idea was approved for SXSW 2017! Of course, that was just the beginning of the journey.

After scrambling to replace a speaker (through no fault of their own), many hours of research, an extensive deck of compiled data, and phone calls with the speakers on my panel, it was time. Before I knew it, Rick Eiserman (Engine), Melanie Shreffler (Cassandra Report), Amy Shelby (CW), and I were on the stage on March 13, 2017 in the Austin Convention Center, Room 12AB.

This has been the pinnacle of my career thus far: talking about disrupting the TV status quo in a room of 350 TV marketing execs. Attendees were turned away at the door because the panel was completely full. We received many compliments in person from attendees, praise on Twitter, and the biggest accomplishment of all—a full write-up in Advertising Age.

All this, because I truly love TV. I can recharge my own creativity by sinking into another reality, another imagination, or another world and becoming a part of it. So now the question currently on my mind: YouTube TV or Hulu Live?

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Stephanie Gutierrez