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18TH MAY 2017


Things change. This is a universal truth and never has it been more apparent than today. Wherever we look, whether it be at technology, society, politics or business, we see change happening at a pace we have never experienced before. So much so that the word 'disruption' has become pervasive. The media, our clients, our co-workers are all working hard to understand how to best live in a world of constant disruption.

This is not a new idea or struggle, however. In ancient Buddhism, the concept of Annica -- impermanence -- was one of the 'Three Marks of Existence.' As such, constant change is considered part of our fundamental reality. As Heraclitus said, "Change is the only constant."

I started meditating after some difficult personal times a little over twenty years ago. As a naturally 'Type-A' personality, it was hard at first but, gradually, it became an important counter-balance to a fast-paced and often stressful work life. Since then, I have founded a couple of meditation groups, and I have been teaching meditation weekly to all-comers for around fourteen years. Part of what we do in meditation is to learn to embrace change rather than fight it, and realize the delusion of clinging to keeping things exactly as they are. Meditation teaches us that change is part of the natural order of the whole of our lives.

As ORC's Chief Innovation Officer, my job is to help us as a company embrace change. Personally, I find that exciting and invigorating. But even for someone excited about the future, as I am, I find I still need the grounding that meditation gives me. Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves what is really important in life.


Christopher Robson