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4TH MAY 2017


Executing the perfect ad campaign takes an incredible combination of art, science and business acumen, which has grown increasingly difficult to achieve over the past decade. Media plans that originally took months to plan out now must be turned around in days in order to stay competitive.

Agencies know this. To solve the problem, they turned to the growing 'ad tech' space to drive efficiencies and get back to the work of creating ad campaigns. This demand for automation led to an explosion of ad tech companies (look no further than this infamous lumascape for proof) of various levels of quality all trying to insert themselves into each agency's media pipeline.

My name is Nick and I'm the new director of analytics at Engine Media. I'm passionate about changing how agencies think about tech. Rather than continue to layer additional vendors into every campaign we execute, I believe agencies should empower their own employees at every level to learn basic coding skills. At ny previous companies, I taught introductory boot camps for Python, SQL and advanced Excel, and watched as work that used to take months take days instead. The smallest amount of automation let our analysts go back to analyzing data, rather than shuffling numbers between spreadsheets.

Engine Media is primed to embody this, not just for analysts but for all levels and departments within the organization. If we allow our creatives to focus on art, our analysts to focus on science and our strategists to focus on business, it stands to reason that we'll start creating more examples of the perfect ad campaign.


Nick Lamberth